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  1. Re: mysterious long duration calls on your bill, anyone?

    I would set limits on the accounts in terms of usage. Not that I have resold Voipo for long I am in the industry and International call fraud is can be an issue. Certainly I do not believe the...
  2. Re: Discussion of Number Porting and failing to cancel old service

    I deal with this on a daily basis. Though with different providers- the key here is what actions were taken by the winning carrier in this case Voipo. Granted the problem of the number ringing in the...
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    Re: Resellers: Testing Michigan Datacenter

    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 3 ms 1 ms 1 ms []
    2 10 ms 8 ms 14 ms ...
  4. Poll: Re: Problems with Receiving Calls in VOIPO Phone

    The problems are seldom a routing issue when it affects so many different types of callers. In my experience its often one provider that has not removed the information from there switch. Of course...
  5. Re: A while away I am sure - but quick suggestion

    Any update on International numbers? I have tried SIP URI forwarding from other DID vendors but on-network DID's would be the way to go.
  6. Re: PBX BETA Testing (Will be Available for Resellers)

    No clear ETA has been mentioned though the feeling is that it will be available shortly. Price has been indicated in the arena of $25 per month resell format that currently exists.

    But until its...
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    Re: overage on the international plan

    By your own admission you knew how many minutes per month you had covered, see below from there own website:
    1200 Minute Calling Plan Addon

    If you call internationally a lot, you can upgrade...
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    Re: Small business features

    The ability to add your own music on hold is important, afterall many companies have a custom message and not standard music. The reseller or customer should have the ability to upload mp3 or wave...
  9. Re: PBX BETA Testing (Will be Available for Resellers)

    Will there be a forum for questions and feedback just for the hosted PBX product? I had some starting questions and was wondering where is best to place them?
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    Re: Cost per month clarification

    Every provider out there charges differently for taxes / fees. If you want to know what the taxes and fees are contact VoiPo or call them to ask the question what the fees are likely to be. Many...
  11. Re: PBX BETA Testing (Will be Available for Resellers)

    I sent an email requesting access. I work with an organization currently actively selling a cloud based PBX under a white label agreement. Certainly I would be able to provide feedback on features...
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    Re: Losing voice on calls for over a year now...

    The ports that are asked to be port forward are pretty standard, my advice to move your adapter into the DMZ of your router. That way you won't need to worry about port forwarding.
  13. Poll: Re: Problems with Receiving Calls in VOIPO Phone

    In some cases Voipo or frankly any SIP provider can be a fail. They are better than most but what you are reporting could almost be any SIP or voip provider. I agree with you on one item, regarding...
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    Re: Using a Vonage ATA for Voipo

    Even if you could, it would be quicker and easier to buy one unlocked from ebay.

    Afterall, what is the point fighting to unlock an adapter that you can buy for $25?? Already unlocked.
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    Re: Virtual Canadian Number

    I have seen other wholesalers where the DID's are the same rate Canada and US. I guess it depends on where you are obtaining the Canada numbers from, I would hope they are the same.
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    Re: Virtual Canadian Number

    I know it was in beta testing, believe that's still the case. No Canadian virtual numbers are available as yet. I am sure Tim has the answers.
  17. Re: Features request - visual voice mail, sortable contacts and others

    I had phonepower myself and used the app in early beta days. Decent and now stable app. Did I ever use it much? Nope. You can use any of the SIP clients to make calls from your VoIPo account....
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    Re: Rock and a Hard Spot

    Frankly the chances of it working to the quality most people receive is slim to none. Of course you could always move! ;)
  19. Re: Manual, instructions, features, website plus...

    One idea that is low cost would be basic video tutorial's on basic features. You know, simple point and click vids that are only a minute or more in length > how to setup call forwarding etc etc.
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    Re: International Calling disabled

    I doubt they work today. Someone will take care of the support ticket for you I am sure. If you really, really need to dial Internationally you have some options.

    Try Google voice from your cell...
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    Re: Cancellation = Replacement fee??

    In fairness to VoiPo the way they do business is no different to any other provider. Good luck with your new service.
  22. Re: A while away I am sure - but quick suggestion

    Cool, I am aware of quite a few providers out there that offer International numbers. And I can see a ready market to deliver International numbers pointed to on-net local US phone numbers.

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    Re: Hoping all have a great Holiday season

    Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays- whichever is your preference. Enjoy your time with your families.
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    Re: Reseller - International Package

    As Tim mentions if you charge it correctly to cover any potential losses you are in business. You will be billed in real time on your reseller account so I urge you to price it to cover bases.

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    Re: Cancellation = Replacement fee??

    A replacement cost is typical I think, I just completed a Phonepower account was told to return the adapter within 30 days or be charge $99 for the adapter and additional $10 if the power supply is...
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