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    Default Recent Bug Fixes

    The following bug fixes have been applied this week. Please let us know if you see any issues with items on the list.

    - Fixed bug where custom call rules were not processed when failover or forward all was triggered. Custom call routing rules are not processed first.

    - Fixed bug which was causing some customers to periodically lose registration with us.

    - Added *123 Vertical Service Code for voicemail access. Customers were habitually dialing it since they were used to it from a previous provider.

    - Fixed bug which prevented voicemail from detecting your mailbox automatically when you checked it from your own phone, but had your Caller ID block activated. This resulted in a "Welcome, Goodbye" message.

    - Addressed numerous issues with international call completion.

    - Restructured system maintenance to prevent morning service interruptions as data volume increased.

    - Did a ton of general cleanup and optimization on various backend systems.

    - Forced correct ANI to be sent when calling toll-free numbers.
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