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    I've been recommending to my friends that they sign up for Cloud VOIP where they want to keep their home number but they don't answer because of spam calls. The Cloud VOIP service is great because it emails you the voice mails that are left. The problem is, I can't find any setup instructions in the Knowledge Base on their website with regard to making outgoing calls on the Cloud VOIP number. I'm struggling with the "Interconnecton" function. It's probably trivial to a person well versed in VOIP, but it's not helpful to me. In particular...

    Here you can create SIP accounts that you can use with any SIP compatible Softphone or ATA device to receive calls.

    After creating a SIP account you can route a number to it by entering the SIP account username into the destination field for that phone number on the main number page.

    SIP configuration information:
    SIP Server:
    Username: (SIP Account Username Below)
    Password: (SIP Account Password Below)

    In order to enable outgoing calling for your cloud number, please be sure to click the 'Toggle' button until you see 'Enabled + Domestic Term' under the status.

    "After creating a SIP account..." How do I create a SIP account? What are the parameters for "Username"? (The SIP user name for VOIPo SIP accounts is the phone number.) Where do I go from here? I can't get past "offline" when trying to connect with my Obihai using the same account credentials that work with my regular VOIPo numbers.
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    Just tried to reply but seems that my answer "blue" to the random question "what color is the ocean?" above was wrong..

    What have you tried so far? I would think that one of your cloud numbers would suffice as "user name".. I may try later tonight if I get time. Im curious myself..
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    I got all of it working. It turns out that I had to cycle the power to the Obihai device. Be aware that you have to create a SIP account. The name will look something like 9091234567_chpalmer (or whatever you call it.) You can then access the account like normal using a softphone client. However, you will not be able to access it with the VOIPo mobile app.


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