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Thread: Dallas Network Latency - 7PM Friday

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    Default Dallas Network Latency - 7PM Friday

    Around 7PM Central on Friday, we started seeing significant latency into our current primary datacenter in Dallas for users using some ISPs.

    This only lasted a few minutes, but could have been noticeable for some users.

    If your ATA lost registration during this time, it should have reconnected within minutes or at its next scheduled re-registration if BYOD.

    If anyone notices any issues related to this, please let us know.
    Timothy Dick

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    Default Re: Dallas Network Latency - 7PM Friday

    Its pretty bad for east01 currently. Its about 110 ms on average. The last hop is almost doubling the round trip time.

    Target Name:
    Date/Time: 3/13/2009 11:01:08 PM

    6 38 ms []
    7 41 ms []
    8 90 ms []
    9 52 ms []
    10 53 ms []
    11 59 ms []
    12 98 ms []
    13 65 ms []
    14 62 ms []
    15 104 ms []

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    Default Re: Dallas Network Latency - 7PM Friday

    I had reported my 2nd registration loss with the HT502 in 14 days yesterday.
    (The first was 13 days without issue.) [#DQU-493001] (734-437-XXXX Account.)

    This 2nd occurrence was likely in the time VOIPo this thread issue.
    The vPanel also seemed slow around the same time.

    I'll have to see if my HT502 runs hot like the recent email notice?
    Its in the basement, under the stairs on a shelf with the router and modem.
    Generally, is has not been a major pain.

    [Tim, you might want to take a look at some of the observations I left in that ticket.]

    Wouldn't it be cute, if something off the wall was the cause of HT502 failures, like too much ripple on the wall-wart power supply? I remember (Vonage I think?) having device issues with CID that corrected itself by rebooting the ATA. That was sourced to bad wall-wart power supplies.
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