Are there any Voipo resellers left? Or have they all gone elsewhere?

If you are using the sip-b02 server, have you noticed latency?

I have been observing ongoing latency for over a year, since the major outage in Nov 2019 (that lasted over a month).

If you are using a PBX based on Asterisk or FreePBX, you can easily see this latency in the reports. Log into your PBX and go to Reports > Asterisk Info > Peers. Scroll down a bit to view your trunk status in the Chan_Sip Peers section.

Example: A normal trunk would show status as something like "OK (30 ms)". All of the servers have low latency, along with the voipo sip7 server. But the voipo sip-b02 server ranges from 1000 ms to well over 2000 ms (2 seconds). And several times a day, is shows "Unreachable".

Voipo says this is an isolated issue, since I'm the only one reporting it. But I'm a reseller, and hundreds of clients are experiencing it. I can log into various client PBX systems all over the country and see the latency. It is real, and widespread, not isolated.

Anyway, if there are any resellers left, and any are using a PBX, please check the report to see if you have latency too. If so, open a ticket so voipo knows it isn't isolated.