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Thread: Any plans for FAX support?

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    Default Re: Any plans for FAX support?

    So the alternative is fax to email - incoming.. right?

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    Exclamation Re: Any plans for FAX support?

    Not to be snarky, but:

    Fax is so antiquated. If you really need to have real honest-to-goodness fax machine support, and the various online and email-to-fax services that VOIPO and others provide for you dont work, then I think you need to stick with a POTS or Cable Co POTS line, which will support POTS faxing fine.

    I have to send maybe 5 faxes a year, and I use my scanner, with the various online services available, and now VOIPO has a free interface you can use to send PDF's as faxes, that should be sufficient for 90% of the people out there. If not, pay for the POTS line and use it that way..

    -- Chex in Montreal

    Quote Originally Posted by SingleBbl View Post

    Can you tell me if Voipo is planning to add FAX support?

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    "FAXing over VoIP networks doesn't work."

    Too much of a generalized statement to be correct.
    I say
    FAXing using a VoIP ATA that tries to pass high speed FAX analog works sometime, with some VoIP providers, and with some degree of congestion on the ISP/Internet. better success can be had by changing your FAX machine to use a low speed, say, 4800 baud.

    VoIP on private networks such as frame relay often works.

    Almost all FAX attempts I made using xxx VoIP service succeeded, but not so others.

    It seems that if you have an ATA that supports the T38 standard, analog FAX can work just fine - IF your VoIP provider does end to end support of T38. Few do.

    FAXing over [low cost commodity] VoIP networks [with cheap ATAs] doesn't work.

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    Default Re: Any plans for FAX support?

    Thanks for the information....


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    I must be one of the stubborn ones. I use FAX over VoIP regularly. Sometimes, I get a "poor line condition" error, but if I slow the FAX speed to 9600 bps and disable error correction, most of my FAXes go through. And I FAX daily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brooke Lynn View Post
    This may come as a silly ques, but I currently have phone service through the cable company's modem, so I assume it's voip. I rarely fax (approx 7x/yr), but when I do I've never encountered a problem. Is it fair for me to expect the same results with voipo?
    Big difference is the quality of VOIP.
    -Time warner VOIP was never down, never had problems.
    -They also secured the VOIP traffic in their own network from your house so they had
    a. more control of the quality so they offered fax service on normal fax machines for free
    b. had increased security. this is subjective but feel that it is more secure. Moved from Time Warner willing to take this hopefully small risk.
    c. VOIP overall is better at Time Warner. Call quality, ability to make calls all the time was far better on Time Warner.

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    just a heads up, up to now does voipo has a fax support? I've been searching for a fax support with voip and my friend told me to visit Foiply because they have one i don't know if they are reliable enough but my friend insisted and he said that it's very reliable. Just want to ask if any of you know foiply?or please do give an honest opinion about it i visited their site. Here

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    Default Re: Any plans for FAX support?

    I've been with Voipo for about 1.5 years and it has had fax support for all of that time. Look in VPanel under "features".

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    FastPBX offers fax support included in plan. Other providers tend to charge extra fees for many features.


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