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Thread: HostGator 800 number question

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    Question HostGator 800 number question

    Didn't know where to ask this, so am posting in the off-topic forum (even though it's on topic somewhere...)

    I recently signed-up with HostGator on a Business plan. One of the features is a toll-free number from VOIPo. So, my question becomes: can this number be linked to my existing VOIPo account? Or will I need to maintain a separate vPanel login?

    Should I start this conversation with HG support, or VOIPo support?

    Thanks in support was busy tonight

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    Default Re: HostGator 800 number question

    It needs to be ordered through your HostGator cPanel so the fee gets billed to them, but once it's active it's just like a normal VOIPo account so we can link it.
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    Default Re: HostGator 800 number question

    I don't think they have a toll free anymore but it's now replaced with Live Chat.


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