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Thread: 2 Years for $149 - Cyber Monday Special

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    Default 2 Years for $149 - Cyber Monday Special

    We are excited to announce that we are offering an incredible promotion for Cyber Monday: 2 Years for $149 (Just $6.21 Per Month)

    Nearly all companies are offering promotions this weekend and upcoming week to new customers, but we wanted to do something a little special and do something for both new and existing customers.

    This promotion will end at 11:59PM on Monday. Due to the extreme discount and nature of the promotion, we do reserve the right to end it early at any time.

    New Customers - 2 Years for $149

    New customers may order 2 Years of VoIP Service for $149.

    Visit for more information or or to order.

    This offer is available to both residential and small business customers. It cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts.

    Existing Customers - Add 2 Years for $149

    Existing customers may Add 2 Years of Service for $149 to their existing account by accessing and following the on-screen renewal instructions. The 2 years will be added to the end of the next scheduled renewal for the account so no time already paid for will be lost. This simply extends the current account renewal date out by adding 2 years to it.

    If you have problems with the form or would like for us to manually handle your request, please e-mail for assistance.

    If you are using PayPal, simply send $185 ($149 + $36 Taxes/Fees) to with your VOIPo number in the notes and we'll manually apply it for you.

    Referral & Affiliate Programs

    Our referral and affiliate programs will be in place normally for this promotion. Full standard affiliate commissions will be paid out and normal referral credits will be issued.

    To refer someone to VOIPo, simply have them enter your 10 digit VOIPo number in the Promo Code field on the order form when ordering. They will get an extra free month added to their account and you'll get an extra free month added to yours as a thank you for the referral.


    If you have questions about this offer, please contact for assistance. This is one of the most exciting promotions we've ever offered and we anticipate a huge response. For that reason, we ask that you try to stick to e-mail for questions since our live chat and phone support mediums will be extremely busy. We will have all of our best people working e-mail to make sure all e-mails are handling quickly and efficiently.

    From all of us at VOIPo, thank you for your business or interest in VOIPo. We have great things coming down the pipeline in 2011. Many very exciting announcements will be made over the next few weeks and months.

    We are thankful for each and every one of you and look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come.
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