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Thread: Blocking callers with blacklist, disconnected, busy signal etc. in Voipo

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    Default Blocking callers with blacklist, disconnected, busy signal etc. in Voipo

    I'm happy with my Voipo service and recently renewed for another two years on their special, but, one thing Voipo is not good at is making it easy to get feature information at their customer site. For example, I wanted to block certain callers and found the feature called "Tele Block" under the Features tab. I entered the number I wanted to block there, but it didn't work and I couldn't find a way to see what numbers I had "Tele blocked". I sent a message to the support team and they responded within an hour or so telling me that to block callers I go to the Call History tab on the VPanel then left click on the number that I want to effect and a little box will pop up and by clicking on the carrot or down arrow next to the blank spot I can choose from several different options for that number. I'm one of those strange people who wanted to know what some of the more cryptic named options did, so I did some checking and some experimenting and found out the following:

    The options as of the writing of this comment include:

    Whitelist - This puts that number on a priority so that even if you have the "Do Not Disturb" feature on it rings through. (I believe)
    Blacklist - This sends them to a message that tells the calling party that it is not a valid number and they have misdialed and to double check the number. (Tested this one)
    Busy Signal - Does exactly what you would expect and all the caller hears is a busy signal. (Tested this one)
    Disconnected - They get a message that the number they have reached has been disconnected or is no longer in service. (Tested this one)
    Voicemail and Forward both do exactly what you would suspect also. If the number is a person or company that has a live person calling and you want to make their life a little more miserable there are numbers you can forward them to that will do that. Some of them have been given in other posts in this forum.

    To see what numbers you have selected for special actions go back to the Features tab and click on Call Routes. There you can set up groups etc.

    Even though for all the options except whitelist you will not be bothered by the call or hear a ring, the calls still show up on your Call History if you're interested.

    I hope this information helps someone. I wish I had had it available earlier.

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    Default Re: Blocking callers with blacklist, disconnected, busy signal etc. in Voipo

    Yup, I've been using these features from the beginning. I was previously with Cox Communications and had their digital phone with some of these services available, but was limited to 31 numbers in the list. My 'list' of unwanted numbers using VoIPo is already more than double that. It's a great system, IMHO.
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