I am using the VOP Nano on a vista premium machine. About a month ago, persons that I called could no longer hear me. I have restarted both the UVERSE router and the ATA with no create. When I call from my softphone to my cell phone, I can hear what I say into the cellphone in the softphone. The softphone shows that mic input is being processed. The windows firewall knows about the VOP Nano and was apparently allowing the right things through.

I downloaded XLITE and it works, it will send sound to the callee, unfortunately when I try to save a number it hangs. It's not a viable alternative to VOP Nano

I am assuming a firewall in the PC or the UVERSE router is blocking udp on some set of ports. The PC is connected by ethernet to the UVERSE router, and has generic softphone enabled. It prevously worked. I have tried to set a port in VOP Nano for the communication but no joy.

I'd be glad for any ideas.