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    When are we resellers going to get some diagnostic tools to use to troubleshoot our customer connection issues and also some FAQ's of general configuration settings for non Voipo ATA's and multi-line Phones. (the PBX system has more diagnostic tools than us resellers get to support our customers)
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    What would be some examples of tools you're thinking of? There's really not a lot that we have that you guys don't have with the exception of server logs.
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    Probably don't need much, but here are a few ideas.

    1. Direct link to a customer's call history from the reseller account settings control panel. Currently I log in as the customer to view call history, because that is waaay faster than going to general call history, waiting for it to load, then using the drop down list to find/filter the customer's number, then waiting again for reload. A direct link in reseller control panel would be even better, since we could just right-click to open the customer's call history in a new tab. Maybe put the link next to a number's usage total, linking directly to the call history for that number. Plus an international link that would to show just their international calls.

    2. As above, but link to the end user's billing/usage summary info instead of call history.

    3. Access to server logs. It would be nice if resellers, and even end users could access the logs specific to their account(s). It would be really nice to be able to click a call log ID in call history and view the filtered log for that call.

    4. Echo Test (Resellers can make their own using the cloud pbx, but it would be nice to have one that doesn't rely on cloud pbx)


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