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Thread: Severe Voice Degradation During Upload with Verizon Fios

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    Default Severe Voice Degradation During Upload with Verizon Fios

    The other day, I was uploading a file to my companies ESXI server (rather large at 60GB) and I was also talking on my Grandstream GXP2120 BYOD device and my voice was degraded to the other callers, although I could hear them very well.

    I have Verizon Fios, and a 25down/5up package, and the upload was only taking a half a megabyte or so. I know I had plenty of bandwidth and my laptop and the Grandstream were the only 2 devices connected to the router.

    Anyone have any ideas? I have worked with technical support and they have a ticket open, Verizon scanned my router and connections and said all checked out but decided to send me a new router anyway.

    Anything else I can check?

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    Default Re: Severe Voice Degradation During Upload with Verizon Fios

    Are you sure it was only using that much Bandwidth? Have you only had this issue while uploading?
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    Default Re: Severe Voice Degradation During Upload with Verizon Fios

    You have 5mbps upload yet you were only able to do .5mbps to your company's server. What is the max that your company's connection provides them for download? I bet its more than .5mbps. Keeping that in mind I wonder if your ISP wasn't having issues... or if your router states weren't becoming exhausted... Long story short- Upstream exhaustion will cause what you say to be choppy to others.

    The one connection that we have the most trouble with in our arsenal of customers is one that is on a FIOS connection. The Adtran router/media converter in the garage is suspect but I can't speak for the whole network...

    99.9% of the time when a voip customer is having problems while the rest of the customer base is not we tend to look real heavy at the customers equipment and provider. So thats where Im going to focus. The other .1% is Voipo's area of expertise. Generally they have solutions for much deeper issues as well that are not on their side of things... Im not a Voipo employee but actually rather a contractor/consultant that more or less specializes in private networks en such. Or so to speak...

    Starting with your premise equipment. What kind of router are you using? What premise equipment does Verizon supply in your case?

    We solved a multitude of problems just changing out the soho router in our fios customers case.

    Connections through a router take up router resources and router memory. Generally "router" devices that Office Depot and Best Buy sell are anemic and not worth the 24.95 they charge for them. When you start to rely on them for multi-tasking efforts you will run into these kinds of issues.

    In our customers case- the Adtran router that exists in their garage is the bandwidth limiter as well as the media converter that makes ethernet into fiber and visa versa. We believed that the bandwidth limiting funneling affect that the Adtran "creates" directly caused the latency and therefore jitter of the circuit. The router equipment down line only added to this deli ma. To this day they now only use cellular. Once we took them on we changed out the upstairs soho router with a BSD based solution and have solved many problems but have not had the opportunity to try VOIP.
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