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Thread: Outage 609 & 856 areas

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    Default Outage 609 & 856 areas

    After hours of trouble shooting and exchanges with the help desk, finely reached a knowledge person who said that there is an outage with incoming calls in the 609 and 856 areas. Would have been nice to see some posting on this forum or on twitter! At least all of the help desk staff should have been aware and stated this some 12 hours ago when I first submitted the trouble ticket.

    Outages happen and are at time uncontrollable, but spreading the word is expected.

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    Default Re: Outage 609 & 856 areas


    One of our upstreams carriers is having a localized outage in some parts of New Jersey at this time. They are working on restoring service, but have not given us an ETA at this time.

    Since it's not on our network and specific only to a handful of customers in NJ, we didn't post it on Twitter. If you have a ticket in, we'll update your ticket as soon as we have information from them.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and we're pressing the upstream carrier on it.
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