Had a fun diagnostic exercise today.

Just helped my accountant sign up with Voipo which includes a port over of their longstanding number coming from the local cable company. They have just moved offices this last week and no cable connection is available in their new building. Something about the cable company wanting a large sum of money to bring cable into the complex blah blah... So they get a wireless bridge to the PUD building across the street and into a fiber ring. Nice! Saturday the adapter arrives in the mail. Not understanding that the port over is not complete they plug in the adapter and make a test call from a cell phone, in this morning.. Monday.

This is where the fun starts.

Now instead of the calls going to voicemail as they had been, they are going to an "unknown" fax machine. ( Voipo does not have the number yet.)

The cable company keeps putting them on long hold waits and they eventually have to disconnect and start over later. I decide to take a stab at it. As Im talking to the cable tech support guy someone answers when they (the tech) call the number. This is after 5 in the afternoon and my customer is now frantic over a day of lost calls. I disconnect with the cable co. and call into the number now and a girl answers and says that Im calling the owners house.

The owner is also moving residences. Guess who took both their business and residence cable modems and stored them in the same box only to pull out the wrong one and plug it into their new place. Then plug an old fax machine into it as a temporary phone...