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Thread: Wifi Bridge Testing

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    Default Wifi Bridge Testing

    Hey Guys,

    We're in the process of evaluating some Wifi Bridges and we're looking for a handful of people to test them to see how easy they are for you guys to setup.

    For this, we'd like to have a few people that are not super tech-savvy to test....more of an "average knowledge" kind of level.

    The adapter will allow you to use your VOIPO adapter in other parts of your house (in your Wifi range) instead of having to use a hard wired connection to your router/modem. It is basically a device that connects to your WiFi and has an ethernet port on it for you to plug in your VOIPO adapter and it "bridges" the connection.

    Many IP Phones already support this, but there aren't really any ATA options that do and we know many customers want to use their adapters in other parts of their house on a wifi network so this is a possible solution.

    We're looking at as few different ones and want to be sure the one we provide is easy to use and setup for the average person. We tested about 10 different ones internally recently and our staff pretty much unanimously agreed that the model we're looking at now was the easiest. For those wondering, here's some info:

    If you have a VOIPO account and would like to help test the WiFi bridge and help us decide if it's easy enough for the average person to set up, please e-mail me at tim @ and let me know your setup/why you think you'd be a good test case.

    I just need a handful of people so please don't take it personally if we don't have you test.
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    Default Re: Wifi Bridge Testing

    Sure I would like to try it out! I have tried using Wifi over my SPA 525G with a WNDR3700v3. Even though Cisco brags about how wonderful it is to be able make SIP call without being tied by wires it is hit or miss. Definitively something wrong when I can make crystal clear Facebook messenger calls anywhere in my house with a cheap 30.00 Android phone yet can't make a reliable WIFI call was a 100+ Cisco phone 3 feet away from the router. In the past I have used my laptop to bridge the wifi of my laptop to the internal NIC and plugged in ATAs to make VOIP calls. Amazingly that has worked pretty well.

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    Default Re: Wifi Bridge Testing

    Id offer but I set wireless bridges up as part of my job and its kinda second nature. Probably not a good test.

    What we have learned is that we want to have our sip stuff on on radio (on channel 1) and our cameras on another (Channel 11 ect) .

    I wait in anticipation to see how this works out.
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    Default Re: Wifi Bridge Testing

    If the device supports the 5 GHz band I'd like to test it. 2.4GHz is too crowded in my area to be useful.



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