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Thread: Softphone/BYOD Basic Questions

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    OK - so, I'm REALLY new to SIP and all the VOIP stuff; so here's some newbie questions:

    I downloaded, registered, and set up the Cloud Softphone for my iPhone. Then, a call came in and it rang ONLY on my softphone, NOT on the devices attached to the VOIPO ATA. Is that "expected" behavior? If my wife had installed the Cloud Softphone on HER iPhone, would they BOTH ring, or just one? Is there a way I can have a "combination" of BYOD AND the Grandstream ATA (so that all of the phones will ring).

    I'm looking at getting some sort of DECT setup (Grandstream 715 or Panasonic TGP 500) and EVENTUALLY running Asterisk on a BeagleBone SBC; but this kinda confused me.

    Can someone recommend a "VOIP for Dummies" or equivalent?

    Thanks in advance!

    Clay Jackson

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    if all 3 of your devices have different public IP addresses, in other words- your phones are not connected to your wifi but are using their cellular network- then yes they should all three ring.

    Ive always had trouble trying to use more than one device on the same internet connection with the same incoming number. But then again I did not go very far into experimentation with port settings en such...

    Im sure it can be made to work but can't say myself yet how.
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