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Thread: Obi202 voicemail configuration

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    Default Obi202 voicemail configuration

    I can't get my stutter tone nor my voicemail visual indicator to work on my new Obihai 202 ATA. I tried an earlier suggestion of enabling MWIEnable and X_VMWIEnable in the Voice Service -> SP1 Service menu, but it didn't seem to do anything.

    Just curious if anyone else has had this problem? Thanks!

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    For anyone wondering, it appears that I had to enable MWIEnable, MWIEnable2, X_VMWIEnable and X_VMWIEnable2 for the indicator to work. After doing my own research, it does not appear that VOIPo currently supports X_MWISubscribe nor X_MWISubscribeURI. When I had those set the Obi202 was getting errors back saying the SUBSCRIBE was not supported.

    I have found that the MWI indicator is a little flakey in that it sometimes takes a minute or two for the indicator to show up. And then also on the backside, it seems to take a while to go off after I retrieve my messages.

    Hope this helps someone out there!

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    Default Re: Obi202 voicemail configuration

    I just set up my Obi202 yesterday and also notice delays in the voicemail indicator showing up as well as disappearing. Mine are taking at least 5 minutes to register a status change. Also, I have a 2nd line plugged in and when I get a voicemail on SP2 it shows up on SP1 as well although when checking on SP1 there is no voicemail. Also, the indicator on SP1 stays on until it goes away on SP2. If anyone has any ideas about this I would appreciate them as it is extremely frustrating.


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