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Thread: Obi pre-configured Voipo vs Generic

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    Default Re: Obi pre-configured Voipo vs Generic

    Actually I seem to recall doing the same thing and getting the same results as you... There are so many settings on the Obi I've learned that for my level of knowledge minimal changes work best unless advised otherwise.

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    Default Re: Obi pre-configured Voipo vs Generic

    After years of success with my PAP2, for some unknown, crazy reason, I decided to buy an OBi202.
    It's a huge overkill for me as I really only wanted another ATA backup for my PAP2 & flaky Grandstream 502.
    Instead I got a monster that with the VOIPo config, has caused an inconvenience. I wouldn't think of using their bundled router and don't need the OBiTalk or PBX or Google Voice.

    My problem is that in the past when I had to dial extra digits on a call, I was able to redial later and call went through. Now, any extra digit other than a 1 before, does not connect.
    I contacted OBi support and asked how to either correct their dial plan or to allow me to replace the generic plan with the one from my PAP2.

    The first answer from them was that the OBi cannot program the extra digit problem and the answer to the dial plan replacement was..."we don't know how to do that...look in the OBi forum for answers."
    That was the end of the conversation. I suppose their setup has to be this complex in order to achieve all the features they offer.
    At my stage in life, all I want to do is talk and listen and have no desire to explore new frontiers.

    Maybe I will put the 3 week old OBi on ebay and find another PAP2 unlocked and let it ride on my original non-BYOD service like my other one.


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