I'm looking to drop my land line in favor of VOIP. I have Comcast 12/2 service in my home office. My concern is phone quality when people are downloading stuff from the servers on my network. I've found quite a bit of hardware that advertises QOS features but I can't find any reviews to say if any of it really works.

Netgear sells a managed switch: Netgear GS108T-200. Asus sells an unmanaged switch with a "VIP" port for VOIP: GX-D1051. Netgear also sells a firewall with QOS: Prosafe FVS338. All of these are reasonably priced and fairly easy to install in my network. Do they work?

I've read about good results with pfsense and m0n0wall devices but they seem to be very difficult to lean, build, setup.

Any other options I've missed? This seems like it would be a common question with so many people doing streaming media etc. but I have found very little information after much Google'ing.