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Thread: HT505 firmware

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    Default HT505 firmware

    My HT502 upgraded from firmware to the current and VoIPO no longer works properly. Outgoing audio is lost, incoming audio is fine, call disconnects in 25-30 seconds. Incoming calls have no outbound audio, incoming audio is fine.

    The VoIPO HT502 was connected and it works fine both ways and has not updated from firmware Has anyone else had an upgrade issue. I've opened a ticket.
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    Default Re: HT505 firmware

    My VOIPo provided HT502 seems to be running and is working just fine:

    Software Version: Program-- Bootloader-- Core-- Base--

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    Problem corrected and HT502 now working for four days without an issue. Did a hard factory reset and re-entered the SIP configuration. That seems to do the trick. Thanks to support and to ThorsDad for confirming that version will work.


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