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Thread: SMS Messaging Still in Beta?

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    Default SMS Messaging Still in Beta?

    I read the articles from October, 2012, announcing SMS messaging for VOIPO landline voip phone numbers.

    I've been checking the control panel, but the message for the last 2+ years is always "You do not currently have any SMS Enabled phone numbers at this time."

    Further down is the statement:
    "If your phone number is not listed in the dropdown, then SMS is not available for your number yet. We are working with our carriers to expand SMS coverage so keep checking back for eligibility."

    I wonder how many more years I should keep checking? I wonder who my carrier is? In the previous century it was Pacific Bell when my connection was analog and came off the telephone pole. Now that PB no longer exists, I wonder? Even further, why isn't VOIPO considered my carrier since it has my number AND through VOIPO's server comes my telephone calls via my high speed internet connection?

    Also, I wonder just how long SMS will be in beta testing? At some point don't new features exit beta and become a stable feature?

    I guess I thought I'd ask about the status of SMS before I submitted a ticket for my number and receive the response "SMS is not available for your number".

    If anybody else has been using SMS through their VOIPO number, I'd like to hear about how it is going. Sounds like an awesome service. I don't have a cell phone because I don't have any coverage where I live. If I walk up the rather steep hillside behind my house about 600 ft I have 5 bar coverage. But down in the canyon, through which runs the creek, nada 8-(

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    Default Re: SMS Messaging Still in Beta?

    We have a handful of carriers that don't support it yet, but it's a very small % of numbers that it's not available for.

    We have 2 more carriers about to activate SMS...just going through the contract phase now so waiting on paperwork.

    Can you e-mail me at tim @ with your number and I'll see if we have coverage on one of our carriers that supports it?
    Timothy Dick

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