Hi All,
I’m having a small issue with the Beta- PBX incoming calls. When I call the number I get “User Busy” and a Tone. I setup Outgoing in Interconnection, and can make outgoing call with the two extensions I created. I just can’t figure out how to set the incoming? In the “Interconnection / incoming” I entered a number from my Voipo inventory, and have it pointed to an extension 101, but I can’t get the incoming call working. I also seen in Account / Profile “default route extension” and have it set to point to the same 101 ext. In the monitor area I can see both desk phones registered, but in Agents it’s blank.
Can someone PLEASE help me out with this?

My setup
Ext 101 goes to a Grandstream GXP2110
Ext 102 go’s to same make phone

Everything seems to work on the desk phone between both extensions. Calling, hold. I Just can’t get the incoming calls to ring the phones or extension picked

Thank you for your time!