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Thread: PBX beta - ever going into production?

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    Post PBX beta - ever going into production?

    I have worked with the Beta-PBX system for some time and have found it to be quite promising. Is there any timeframe for moving this into a production offering?

    I believe that there are two missing features that must be added to the PBX in order for it to be a viable offering in most circumstances.

    1. Call Parking - there must be a way to put a call on hold at one extension and pick it up from another.

    2. Call Pickup - most offices need the ability to answer one ringing extension from another extension.


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    Default Re: PBX beta - ever going into production?

    I'm also wondering what the status is with this one. I have clients ready and waiting.

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    I have been using it in production for several clients with little to no issues for over a year now

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    The PBX platform has been very stable for a while now and it's one of our fastest growing offerings. We're still working on polishing things up and fixing issues as they come up (which is happening less often lately) before we take it out of BETA. While it's stable, it's just not quite as polished as we'd like yet.

    We also have a handful of features we're wrapping up to fill in some of the missing pieces. Some examples are a Dashboard (visually see all current calls, queue stats, reporting, etc), custom hold music, tighter mobile integration, etc.

    We have a lot of development resources focused on PBX to constantly improve it.
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