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Thread: Call Quality

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    Question Call Quality

    I am having trouble with call choppiness on the called number's end of the connection.

    This does not happen all the time. 30-40%

    I have set up Qos, Port Forwarding, etc even bumped up my internet down load and upload speed to help. No improvement.
    I tested with Google Voice and Magic Jack and this does not occur.

    I have a "A" rated signal at and still having problems.

    Is there a set up access in the Grandstream router that can possibly help?

    I am a new customer and the service is great except for this annoyance.

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    Default Re: Call Quality

    I have the same problem. So far have not found out how to enter the Grandstand set up page within your browser.

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    Default Re: Call Quality

    I've been having call quality issues as well. I can hear them, but they say I'm breaking up. When I call back this issue is usually resolved, but who wants that? Please advise.

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