Hi There;

Brand new user here as of just this month (December, 2011) and coming from Vonage after over 6 years with them. My main reason for moving was because the costs of Vonage have risen out of control and so I shopped for equitable service for a more reasonable rate (VOIP having come a long way since Vonage was originally one of the best games in town).

So far, I am pleased with the service here at Voipo. Customer support seems spectacular with The Team jumping on my Tickets and issues right away. Voice quality is very good, connectivity remains to be seen as we iron out complete porting of my numbers, which though complete, is still giving me a few issues, bringing me to this post regarding my Virtual numbers.

I have one Main number and 3 virtual numbers, all ported over from Vonage. Previously (with Vonage) these Virtual numbers acted just like Virtual incoming lines that rang DIRECTLY to my Main number (as I would expect?!?). Once Voipo was set up and all the numbers were ported over, I could SWEAR that the Virtual numbers were also ringing the Main directly.

Then, I messed with setting up Voice Mail Boxes for each of the Virtual numbers since I was not clear on how these work (the interface is sparse and NOT very well documented, unlike the intuitive and much more featured Vonage interface). After I enabled Voice Mail Boxes for each Virtual number, it seemed that I then needed to create SEPARATE outgoing messages. Oops.

Not really what I had in mind. What I had intended was that my Virtual numbers just ring the main line DIRECTLY and then if not answered, would dump right into my main voice mail box (also hearing my main outgoing greeting). After sending a ticket asking about this, a tech reset my control panel REMOVING the individual voice mail boxes for each Virtual number.

Now, I don't recall precisely if those Virtual numbers rang the main line directly BEFORE this happened, though I am pretty sure that this is the way that it worked, and why wouldn't it? Why have a Virtual number that does NOT automatically ring the Main number immediately? So, my question is how do I get back (if this was the case) to having the Virtual ring the Main instantly?

My intention for Virtual numbers is to have numbers in other area codes that ring straight to my main number as a convenience to those users. If they need to leave a message EVERY time that they call, even when I am here to answer, this defeats much of the purpose of the Virtual number. I had read somewhere about porting Virtuals to Port # 2 of the ATA?

If this is possible, this would be fine as well, but to have Virtual numbers that do not (or are not capable) of ringing the Main line seems silly. The user interface really could use some work to be more intuitive and user friendly AND I am also a pretty tech savvy user who navigates new interfaces with relative ease. Taking a look at Vonages CP may be worthwhile.

My apology for seemingly comparing Voipo to Vongage, but this is all that I have experience with and even though I did not use all of the Features of Vonage, they were really easy to understand AND to set up and use. Actually, the CP there was a breeze and one thing that I now miss. Still, I am here with Voipo signed up for 4 years, so want to help to improve the system for everyone.

Thanks for any assistance or ideas on this.