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Thread: Setting up call forwarding

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    Thumbs down Setting up call forwarding

    My previous VSP had their voicemail integrated with Youmail. I also have cell phones integrated with them. VOIPo voicemail capabilities are quite limited - but I didn't worry too much. I decided that I can forward all unanswered calls to Youmail (same as my cell phone set up).

    So, here is my experience:
    • "Basic features" page has "Call forwarding" listbox (did somebody mention that a listbox with two options is a terrible UI design?). Looks like it's for unconditional forwarding. No, that's not what I want.
    • There is "failover" option. But that's when the device is not registered / network is failing; not when I didn't pick up the phone!
    • There is nothing else about call forwarding. No "call forwarding" on busy or no answer? You gotta be kidding!
    • Under Beta there is Misc... Busy preferences. Voicemail and busy signal (did somebody mention that a listbox with two options is a terrible UI design?). VOIPo seems to be obsessed with having elaborate options for those who don't want to answer the phone (discard, ring busy, black list). What about my Aunt Millie who actually enjoys talking to her friends?
    • Oh, wait! There is something else in Beta... Simul ring. My aunt Millie would be afraid to go there, but I am a geek - so let me click!
      I am in a page titled "Find Me". Is it the same a Simul Ring - or I clicked in some other place? There is no indication which tab is current (did somebody mention that not showing where you are is a terrible UI design?). OK, let me try once more. Indeed Simul Ring and Find me is the same.
    • I tried my best. I ignored big red letters that this feature will be ignored for on-network calls. I put "Ring in order". I ignored my befuddlement about what checked and disabled "Auto answer" option means. I put 5 in "Ring seconds" field and forwarding number in "Destinations". I noticed that 5 turned into 30... Then I called my number and didn't pick up. Well it rang for 30 seconds and then went to VOIPo voicemail!

    I failed miserably. And I manage system administrators at work. What will I say to my dear aunt Millie!

    Now the question to VOIPo... Does it have to be that difficult?! And is there a point when terrible website becomes a sales deterrent?!

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    Default Re: Setting up call forwarding

    I replied to your post on another forum, but since you've also posted it here I will reply here as well.

    We do not offer "Call Forward on Busy" or "Call Forward on No Answer" features. That's the reason you're having trouble finding them.

    Our complete list of features can be found here:

    Depending on your exact needs, you may be able to use the Simultaneous Ring/Find Me BETA feature to handle your calls in a way that's similar to a busy/no answer situation. Just contact our support team and lay out what you're trying to accomplish and they'll be able to help you set it up if it can be done and assist you in using the Simultaneous Ring/Find Me BETA feature if it's a viable option for your needs.
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    Thank you Tim for quick answer... BTW, I posted here first, and only cross-posted on DSLR because the post here went into moderation queue... I also appreciated a call back from Support manager suggesting simultaneous ring option. In short - I am impressed by VOIPo service (and, to reiterate, I am quite impressed by VOIPo's telephony quality). It is the secondary features that I am griping about!

    Simultaneous call won't work because there is no information of the "real" called number.
    So, I don't know how VoicePulse arranged integration with YouMail from business perspective - but since the users are getting free version of YM service - it should be beneficial to VP and any other VSP as well... Just a thought

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    Default Re: Setting up call forwarding

    I'm not sure what auto answer means. Please elaborate.

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