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Thread: Allowing softphone to make international calls

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    Default Allowing softphone to make international calls

    Hi there,

    I am wondering if you have plan to allow us to make International calls through softphone. I travel quite frequently and need to talk to my family in India when I travel. I dont want to take voipo adapter,power cord,handset with me all the time.

    You can still deduct duration against my international minutes/month

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    Default Re: Allowing softphone to make international calls

    I'm not sure what the real reason is that soft phones cannot dial internationally.
    One thought is because the credentials are known to the user, they may not be
    as secure, and with international calling available, unsavory people may be more
    inclined to steal credentials.

    If its just a mater of fraud by new users, perhaps this could be avoided by some
    kind of policy. For example, paying international minutes by a credit card without
    issue for three months on the VOIPo ATA could qualify to have it functional on the
    soft phone. Perhaps it would further require the user to request this ability after
    that three month period?

    Just brainstorming. I know that VOIPo is by design is geared to handle explosive
    growth, and scale in cost effective ways. It could just be that VOIPo does not see
    serious use of soft phones for the majority of their customers, and the added
    administration needed is not cost effective?

    Technically right now, the soft phone can only use plan minutes. It uses separate
    servers too. Perhaps they do not even have any core software that could calculate
    billing though such a soft device at this time?

    Anyway, those are some of my wild conjectures. Perhaps Tim may have information
    that could put things in perspective, and maybe squash some of my speculations.

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