hey guys, I am trying to configure my PBX (Elastix / FreePBX) to work with my Voipo reseller account. I want to have a simple setup in my home office. I have installed and configured the PBX. I have two soft phones setup. I can call from one soft phone to the other. So i know that part is working. However, I can not place outbound calls or receive inbound calls via my main phone number. According to the connections under my account it looks like I have my PBX connected. it shows:
sip:s@ 2012-01-06 03:00:44 Asterisk PBX

I have a green status in FreePBX for the trunk. I have created the inbound and outbound lines. but still nothing. I followed
from one of the other users on here. (thank you by the way)

i also have my router set like this (for the computer which is the PBX)
Destination Ports 5000-5082
UDP 5000-5082 -> 5000-5082

I am starting to spin in circles. any idea what I may have done wrong and what I should test next?

thank you in advance!