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    Just felt like chiming in to say thanks for the excellent service (and pricing). I am a new VOIPo customer and I cabled my adapter almost as described in the guide that was sent with it and my (useless?) home phone Just Worked. Next, I took the BYOD route and got my legacy Nokia phone (will be replacing this soon) doing SIP. While there were some hiccups with this, I don’t believe they were VOIPo-related. After reviewing some literature and adding some software to the Nokia, SIP is working swimmingly. When calls come in, both my Nokia and home phone ring and I can answer the call by grabbing either—and all this surprisingly works behind a SIP-hating symmetric NAT router. Granted, this is just day one, but it was a good day overall—so good job guys. If the service continues to be good—and barring any other unforeseen issues, I’ll remain a customer and send others.

    That said, some quick thoughts that come to mind regarding my new user experience with VOIPo:

    1. I don’t think my service should start on the day I sign up—it should start the day I receive the adapter/start using the service. Anything other than this is unwarranted.
    2. Welcome email was never sent—I had to request it, and it came a short time later.
    3. I was unable to use vpanel without the help of support because the E911 information I entered was never valid for some reason—support helped me here promptly as well.
    4. Support is great at getting back to emails timely, but they should spend more time reading the entire email, otherwise there is more back and forth, repetition and more time is wasted.
    5. I was unable to choose my phone number. Google Voice and the phone company assist one with doing this, so one would think it could be done here as well.

    That’s all for now! Cheers.
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