I am new to VOIPO and have a question that, if the answer exists, I can't seem to find it.

I received the HT502 and connected it and everything worked perfectly out of the gate for voice. However, my home network includes a number of static devices that, through port forwarding and dynamic DNS configurations enable access from the Internet; specifically a VNC server and IP Cameras. With the ATA between the modem and the router (Netgear WNR1000), the problem seems clear...the ATA is on a different subnet. Before I start changing things and goof something up (new for me, but I'm getting older and wiser!) I thought I'd ask here:

1. Can the ATA go behind the router with a static ip address on the same subnet? (I have read where this adds potential for router-related issues, though would make management easier to the degree management is even necessary.)
3. If the ATA stays where it's at, can it be on the same subnet with the router (currently a 192.168.1.xxx configuration)?
4. If on the same subnet I would assume I'd need to disable DHCP on the ATA as well (router currently handles this).

Thanks for any help...