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Thread: Referral for my dad's sign-up

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    I've been VOIPo customer for several months and so far I like it. So, I convinced my 80-year old father to sign up as well. As for most other things, I created another account under my name / address / credit card.

    As referral instructions say, I put my phone number in the referral field. Clicking Apply didn't produce any results, so I clicked next. The screen flashed "incorrect referral key", but proceeded to bill my credit card anyway.

    The gentleman from support said that you don't give referral bonus if the name or address is the same (I am paying for the second account the same price as for the first account; so it doesn't make any sense, either - but let's leave it aside for a moment). And the only way to get the bonus months is to cancel the service, return the adapter, and then order the service again.

    Does it make sense to anybody in VOIPo? I saw that on several occasions when there were some rules that contradicted common sense, Tim VOIPo was able to apply common sense. Could that be another situation where common sense prevails?!

    I have a review of VOIPo on DSL reports: and I am planning to move my in-law's and my wife's business phone to VOIPo as well. So, the real question is - is the rule that defies common sense that important to you guys?

    PS. Just got an email that VOIPo is not going to ship the adapter. The procedure still defies common sense - but at least you guys are able to avoid shipping something that will be refused delivery... Small step in the right direction!

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    Default Re: Referral for my dad's sign-up

    It sounds like our rep was following our policy in not issuing a referral credit since the name and address on both accounts were the same. We can't issue commissions or referral credits to someone for their own accounts for obvious reasons.

    Since this sounds like it was a legitimate referral, if you e-mail the info to me at tim @ I will look into it and see if we can work something out.
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