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Thread: International numbers don't go through

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    Question International numbers don't go through

    It seems that calling 011 + number on BYOD device doesn't ring. I checked the dial plan, in fact I changed the provider without changing the dial plan and the call went fine with different provider (with the same dial plan and the same phone number).

    Is there a different way to dial internationally on BYOD devices vs. locked devices? I know other providers require either prefix 00 or not prefix at all. But Voipo mentions only 011.

    It's not a big deal - I am using a different provider for my international calls anyway; and even if I use exactly 60 free minutes of international calls with free Voipo minutes, I would save 60 cents max... So, it's mostly technical question. Just curious!


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    Default Re: International numbers don't go through

    International calling is restricted to our device only. We do not offer international calling via BYOD. This is a security measure that protects us from fraud.
    Timothy Dick

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    Default Re: International numbers don't go through

    Thanks, Tim. It's good to know that it wasn't my tinkering with the dial plan that caused the problem.

    As bizarre as it sounds when lack of functionality is justified by security measures - you are the boss and you set the rules. We are used to flight attendants not letting economy class passengers into business class lavatories - of course, for security reasons!

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