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Thread: Call Recording Feature Suggestion

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    Default Call Recording Feature Suggestion

    Not sure if this is a practical suggestion or not. But it doesn't seem to difficult to provide, because you're already doing it in reverse.

    Currently; you can dial *28 and the number you want to call, and you can record that call. You can also set up recording for a preselected inbound call. Thus, if that number ever calls you, it will record. (I can definitely think of times where this could come in handy). My suggestion is: If you can automatically record a predefined incoming call, can there be a way that I could set up auto-record for a predefined OUTBOUND call. Basically; instead of manually adding the *28. For the same reason you might want to auto-record a particular incoming call by a specific person, you might have to call that number and you might not remember to dial the *28.

    On a side note. If this isn't a practical feature, I would think that AUTO-RECORD of 911 calls would be a good feature. This way a recording of the 911 call is automatically emailed to you and if you need it later, no one has to jump through hoops trying to get a copy from the PSAP or voipo. Just an idea. Mike.....
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    Default Re: Call Recording Feature Suggestion


    Thank you for the suggestion. We will take this into consideration for future development!

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    Default Re: Call Recording Feature Suggestion

    I realize this thread is somewhat old, but I would like this feature too.

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    I would like to see the feature implemented in reseller accounts


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