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Thread: Two features I'd like to see.....

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    Default Two features I'd like to see.....

    My old VOIP service had this (I know they had one of these for sure)....

    1) Call Forward On Busy/No Answer. If the VOIPo phone rings more than 5 - 6 times with no answer, or if the line is busy, please allow the call to be forwarded to an alternate number.

    Simul-ring doesn't fill the bill here because then both lines would ring simultaneously. I don't know what happens if someone is on the phone with Simul-ring (does the caller get a busy, or does the other phone ring anyway?)

    The idea here is that if someone dials my home number but no one is home, or if the line is busy, the call would instead be picked up by my answering service.

    2) True Find-Me service. You'd be able to specify a list of phone numbers (up to three), along with ring times in seconds. If someone calls the VOIPo number and no one answers, after 30 seconds it would dial the first number on my list. f no one answers that number after, say, 25 seconds, it would dial the second number on my list. It could be used for virtual numbers and real numbers (one number could have a Find-me list, while another does not (perhaps it would be a busy/no answer number instead).

    I get the feeling this has been suggested before, but I couldn't find anything recent on this,


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    Default Re: Two features I'd like to see.....

    You can do this already with the Simul Ring / Find Me feature. You may have missed that you can set 2 different modes for Simul Ring? The first one is "Ring All", the second is "Ring in Order". If you select the "Ring in Order" option, it will first ring on the first number, then on the second ...

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