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Thread: International Calling with BYOD?

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    Default International Calling with BYOD?

    Well, after 2 years of VOIPO's excellent Cloud Number service, I decided to move my home phone number and device over as well. So far it has worked well (for about 3 weeks) with my Panasonic TGP551 cordless SIP phone system. But, suddenly my wife says she can't call her parents... is it really true that international calling is completely disabled with BYOD? That seems like a deal breaker for me, though we don't use it all that much.
    If so, I have to say that I'm a bit sad, as VOIPo looks like a company that provides a great product and a great service. Does anyone know a work-around? It's pretty inconvenient to re-attach the provided device and use the corded phone just for international calling.

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    Default Re: International Calling with BYOD?

    We haven't announced it yet, but we recently rolled out a BETA feature which allows international calling via BYOD to most destinations.

    To enable this, login to the BETA control panel at and go to BETA - International Calling Security. Then set the BYOD toggle to "Enabled" and add the destinations you wish to call with BYOD to your "Whitelist" by following the instructions. You will then be able to call those whitelisted destinations via BYOD. You may have up to 5 countries on your BYOD whitelist at any given time. High-risk and high-fraud destinations remain blocked and cannot be whitelisted.
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    That's phenomenal! I logged in and changed the setting and will try it out tomorrow. I'm really impressed with VOIPo and have already recommended it to several other people (most of whom are regular home users, not the BYOD crowd).
    If you're taking suggestions - how about adding Afghanistan?
    Thanks for the quick reply and the great product!

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