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Thread: Help with Polycom 335 phone!

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    Default Help with Polycom 550 phone!

    I am in the process of switching my service from 8x8 to voipo. I am having trouble getting the phone to ring. I entered the new voipo config info into the phone and when I reboot the phone it completes the process but displays the message "could not contact boot server verify existing config file". I have dial tone and the voipo answering service picks up the call when I dial it. Does anybody know a solution?
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    Default Re: Help with Polycom 335 phone!

    I don't know the config of that phone but it sounds like either it uses TFTP or Option 150/66 in DHCP for configuration. You should probably check those settings. SInce your config works I'd wager to say you could just disable those options*

    *take what I say with a grain of salt because I don't know much of that particular phone and if you lock yourself out of the config don't blame me

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    Default Re: Help with Polycom 335 phone!

    Where you able to get this to work with the 335? I cannot get my 550 to be registered by the ATA so incoming calls work.


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