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    Quote Originally Posted by andrew View Post
    Now most inbound calls don't show a name at all in the VPanel.
    FWIW, I am seeing the same thing, in both VPanel and the CallerID on my phone. Incoming calls that used to show a name now show only the number.

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    Everyone else still seeing this issue starting a few months ago?

    The proper CNAM is not coming through to the phone, but showing up OK in vPanel call history.

    I received 2 spam calls this morning as shown below....

    vPanel shows:

    Caller ID: 2812058935

    Caller ID: 5714444350

    Phone shows:

    Caller ID: 2812058935
    CNAM: 2812058935

    Caller ID: 5714444350
    CNAM: 5714444350

    The correct CNAM is not being delivered to the phone anymore.

    UPDATE: My fault. It seems Voipo made a protocol change to their SIP INVITE "Caller ID Header" to support PAI (P-asserted Identity) protocol. I reconfigured my device to support both Caller ID header "PAI" and "FROM" protocols and the CNAM is coming through properly now.
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