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Thread: No Ring

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    Quote Originally Posted by VOIPuser View Post
    Double NAT increases security.?.
    No, not really. NAT was created to artificially add more IP addresses, since IPv4 is running out quickly.

    One can argue that NAT adds a layer of "obfuscation" (difficulty by complexity), but NAT is only a trivial obstacle for any hacker that has already penetrated a network to that point.

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    I chose the simple solution of plugging the gateway into a plain switch and my two ATAs into that switch. One still does not hear a busy signal when a called line is in use.

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    I didn't see it mentioned previously that you have 2 ATAs. Make sure all the registrations are using different ports, or they can conflict and you'll get a variety of errors.

    Try using each ATA separate, one at a time, to see if they can work by themselves, or if they are conflicting with each other.

    Best solution would be to use a single voip device, with 2, 4, 8 lines, instead of 2 or more separate ATAs.

    But if one works by itself, and the other doesn't, you may have a bad ATA.

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    I am using what was sent me. I'd be glad to exchange these for one 8-port.

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    I don't think voipo offers an 8 port device.

    This forum is great for getting tips from other users, but I think your case is beyond that.

    You probably need to open a support ticket to speak directly with someone at voipo.

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    Never helped before. Not likely now.

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    Here's a possibility. I am looking at the Grandstream HT814. It would give me the combined four ports of my current two HT702's. It would give me WAN and LAN ports. I would plug its WAN port into the Calix Access Point setup in Bridge mode. I would plug the LAN port into a Switch for computers and other things connected to the Internet.

    Question 1. Is the HT814 a good item and compatible with VOIPO?

    Question 2. Is this considered a good setup?

    Question 3. Will I still have two ports per phone number (I have two) with 814 as I have with the two 702's?


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    As a report, I can say that my Grandstream HT814 has been a great product. I did not have too much trouble, and got a little tech support to configure it. Once you do it, you would have no trouble at all.

    It is compatible with VOIPO, and has worked seamlessly since proper configuration. It also gives more options for fine tuning.

    It was easy to configure each port as desired. The configuration I used was two ports paired together in a two-and-two setup to give me exactly what I wanted.

    I strongly suggest that VOIPO support these products directly. They should also be given out to everyone with two lines. It saves a lot of unnecessary space, cabling and configuration.

    Next, I am going to a free PBX package on a Raspberry PI with a PoE router and cordless IP phones, which should be a lot of fun.


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