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Thread: Block calls by Caller ID name

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    Default Block calls by Caller ID name

    Is there a way to block calls by caller ID name?

    For example, I am getting today LOTS of spam / spoof calls from different numbers with the name of "Apple Inc".

    Please advise of a way to block these. I did just turn on the NoMoRobo beta feature to see if that might help.


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    Default Re: Block calls by Caller ID name

    I'm not a Tech Rep here but I have had their service for years and haven't seen a way other than using a number, of which it does not work with "Local Spoofing" as you are describing. But now that you turned on and hopefully got all set up with NoMoRobo one thing you will need to do is bookmark the NMR page to submit numbers that you are having problems with, even though they may be Local Spoofing. This help them, help us. I turned it on in the early day of the release and my SPAM calls are almost 0. Good Luck and get familiar with the NoMoRobo site.

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