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    Does Voipo have a manual about their features. I was at a friend's house and he showed me on their website where all the features are explained? and it is kind of bad. There is no explanation how they work or how to set them up/ When you click on the tabs, you don't know where you are as the tabs do not change color or position. ?Then the sub-menus change, without again any change of color, and it is very difficult to see if you already touched on that point or not.
    Kind of disappointing. Very Mickey Mouse website. Very strange for a company that has been around for a while.
    He also show me the installation instructions and aside from talking about where to plug the cables, it does not have anything about what to expect after installation or what the next steps are. I am not sure I want to have their service even if they are cheap.

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    If you become a voipo subscriber, you'll have all the assistance from them you'll need. If you are going to choose a voip provider based on price, then you don't understand voip. Except for digital telephone, via the cable company, which isn't really voip in it's truest form; just about ALL voip providers are cheaper than a traditional Ma'Bell telephone. When you choose a voip provider, you need to first realize that your internet provider and your home network is half of the equation. When a voip provider does or doesn't work, it's not always the voip provider's problem. When choosing voip, you have to look at customer support, equipment, price, features, etc.... Now; whether or not you buy voipo, is totally up to you. I've been with voipo for almost 6 years. In voip years, that's a long time. And as long as VoipO is available, I will continue to be a customer. I've had 4 different voip providers. While all of them worked for me, VoipO has definitely been the best provider so far.
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    I completely agree with you that our documentation and website is definitely not as polished as some out there.

    We do our best to keep pricing as low as possible while still providing a high quality service and part of the way that we do that is by not spending money on some of the polish that drives up costs.

    We do have a new version of the control panel that is leaps and bounds better and we are working to add the documentation right in it on each page. It's currently in testing but is available for our residential/small business plan customers to test by logging in at instead of

    I think you'll agree that it's a big improvement. We're working to make it easier and more polished but we just have to be careful to do so in a way that allows us to keep our prices low too.
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    >> documentation right in it on each page <<

    That will be very nice when it appears.

    However, detailed notes at that level is only part of it. If the page for "Contact" only tells you how to add to the list, but not what "Contact" means and where it is applied ...

    Have y'all thought about setting up a documentation wiki and crowdsourcing? I am sure that your users would be happy to build pages as they find out what&how about Voipo.
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    One idea that is low cost would be basic video tutorial's on basic features. You know, simple point and click vids that are only a minute or more in length > how to setup call forwarding etc etc.


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