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Thread: Virtual Canadian Number

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    Default Virtual Canadian Number

    I am not sure if these questions has been previously asked elsewhere.
    1) Is it possible to get a virtual number from Canada?
    2) Any update on the Canadian service?

    Thanks in advance

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    I know it was in beta testing, believe that's still the case. No Canadian virtual numbers are available as yet. I am sure Tim has the answers.

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    Default Re: Virtual Canadian Number

    We're still working out the pricing with vendors for Canadian service. We should have them available soon.
    Timothy Dick

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    Hi, I'm one of the Canadian testers and I'm hoping that the Canadian pricing will be the same or extremely close to the American pricing, I live on the border and do business and shop in both countries so I know it won't be very competitive if it's not. While I'll be interested in purchasing the service if it's the same pricing, I will probably pass it by if the price is brought up artificially for the Canadian market and I would hate to see that happen.

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    I have seen other wholesalers where the DID's are the same rate Canada and US. I guess it depends on where you are obtaining the Canada numbers from, I would hope they are the same.


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