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    I had an issue with registration of my softphone today and was told that users are limited to two registrations per day. That, in my opinion, is too few. The point of a softphone is to have service available when traveling. Someone who uses a softphone at a couple of airports no longer has any registrations left after arriving at the hotel or the customer's/client's office. How about increasing the number of registrations to 4 or 5 to accommodate those of us who travel?

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    Ouch. Didn't know that was a limitation and got my softphone up and running just for the travel reasons. There are many times that I'm on several different airports, hotels, offices and networks within the same day. Didn't know that could be an issue.

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    This information is incorrect - do you remember who you spoke to? If so - please shoot me a private message. This way I can make sure that they are educated in our service features.


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