We are new customers switched to VOIPO due to its 'value' package advt.. I thought this transition from Vonage would
be easy. But its nothing but problems, with limited help from Voipo. Let me be fair in this review.

Background: I have used voice over ip for a while, since its boom in last ~10years. Been one of the lot to burnt out since
sunrocket super deals. Things have improved a lot with technology and quality and internet speed.

Our issues with vioipo line started since porting our number. We could not receive any calls and outgoing was
very noisy. Call customerservice after few rounds the problem was identified with the adapter with outdated firmware
and setting. It was updated and everything was supposed to be fine. All this took ~2 Weeks. Then next 2 weeks (till today) we
cannot receive calls from landline family/friends (vonage lines for sure). Land line includes my office place which is a bigger
organization (over 3k employees), not sure who is provider!.

After frantic emails & phone calls to customer service, it was conveyed that nothing is wrong with viopo line its all to do with
non-proper routing from landline providers. Solution provided was, call 'those' providers and ask them to refresh their routing
numbers - end of problem solving!. My response was how do i go about identifying providers and calling them to update their
network. It has to be Viopo's responsibility to make this happen.

After back and forth, 2 more weeks passed, waited for things to happen automatically. But nothing took place. Called Vonage to update
their routing and requested if they could remove our old number from their DB. The customer service person was helpful said he would do
and offered to talk to VOIPO Customer service to figure exactly what the problem was!. We tried the VOIPO waited for 10min then lost patience.
Vonage customer service offered to follow up the problem and said he could call back in few days... That's one brownie point to vonage!.

Till date (its 3 days now, including weekend) nothing has happened. Customers would like the technology phone (voice over ip) to
work as it is intended including being reached during time of need. If either is not satisfied the purpose is lost and goal is not
achieved!, period. As a customer, i don't know what else i could do!!.

Iam writing all this, with out adding spice, which is not including bashing from family & friends for being ridiculed for switched
to a new service just for the cost point (cheap!).

I hope higher ups in Viopo could come up with a better plan to help its customers!.. Stay with customers and call the company where
we are porting from, is the first step.!

Still with some hope before my trial period ends..