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Thread: Problems with Receiving Calls in VOIPO Phone

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    Default Problems with Receiving Calls in VOIPO Phone

    We are new customers switched to VOIPO due to its 'value' package advt.. I thought this transition from Vonage would
    be easy. But its nothing but problems, with limited help from Voipo. Let me be fair in this review.

    Background: I have used voice over ip for a while, since its boom in last ~10years. Been one of the lot to burnt out since
    sunrocket super deals. Things have improved a lot with technology and quality and internet speed.

    Our issues with vioipo line started since porting our number. We could not receive any calls and outgoing was
    very noisy. Call customerservice after few rounds the problem was identified with the adapter with outdated firmware
    and setting. It was updated and everything was supposed to be fine. All this took ~2 Weeks. Then next 2 weeks (till today) we
    cannot receive calls from landline family/friends (vonage lines for sure). Land line includes my office place which is a bigger
    organization (over 3k employees), not sure who is provider!.

    After frantic emails & phone calls to customer service, it was conveyed that nothing is wrong with viopo line its all to do with
    non-proper routing from landline providers. Solution provided was, call 'those' providers and ask them to refresh their routing
    numbers - end of problem solving!. My response was how do i go about identifying providers and calling them to update their
    network. It has to be Viopo's responsibility to make this happen.

    After back and forth, 2 more weeks passed, waited for things to happen automatically. But nothing took place. Called Vonage to update
    their routing and requested if they could remove our old number from their DB. The customer service person was helpful said he would do
    and offered to talk to VOIPO Customer service to figure exactly what the problem was!. We tried the VOIPO waited for 10min then lost patience.
    Vonage customer service offered to follow up the problem and said he could call back in few days... That's one brownie point to vonage!.

    Till date (its 3 days now, including weekend) nothing has happened. Customers would like the technology phone (voice over ip) to
    work as it is intended including being reached during time of need. If either is not satisfied the purpose is lost and goal is not
    achieved!, period. As a customer, i don't know what else i could do!!.

    Iam writing all this, with out adding spice, which is not including bashing from family & friends for being ridiculed for switched
    to a new service just for the cost point (cheap!).

    I hope higher ups in Viopo could come up with a better plan to help its customers!.. Stay with customers and call the company where
    we are porting from, is the first step.!

    Still with some hope before my trial period ends..

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    Default Re: Problems with Receiving Calls in VOIPO Phone

    In some cases Voipo or frankly any SIP provider can be a fail. They are better than most but what you are reporting could almost be any SIP or voip provider. I agree with you on one item, regarding routing they could or should open a dispute with the carriers not routing calls correctly.

    It's not there switch or technically not there problem -but any provider should seek to rectify the issues with the problem routing carrier and can do so fairly easily with call examples.

    Unfortunately voip is a take it or leave it technology, when it works its fantastic. When it doesn't its a pain and often providers don't do as much as they possibly could. I have found VoiPo to be a very good provider. Raise your issues with a ticket, should you not like the responses its probably best to leave

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    Default Re: Problems with Receiving Calls in VOIPO Phone

    I’ve ran into this before.

    First issue sounds like you have a Grandstream ATA. Grandstream is very inexpensive and you get what you pay for. I’m not saying that Grandstream products are bad but I have not had much success with their products as they are unstable. Although in Grandstream’s defense they did try to correct the issues but at the end of the day their products were a bit too unstable for us to rely on. I recommend using the Cisco SPA 122 as it has worked very well. The Cisco SPA 122 worked extremely stable with a wireless ISP where we had nothing but issues with Grandstream ATAs. Also make sure that the ATA is connected between your ISP’s modem and your home router.

    Routing issues, welcome to the new era of telecommunications. When porting numbers to and from other providers, the loosing provider must remove the account and update the routing on their systems. It still sounds like Vonage may still have your number in their system and the corporate phone system admin needs to update their LCR routing table.

    I’ve manage phone and data systems for the small mom and pop shops to companies with 10k+ employees. I’ve delt with Access One, AT&T, Comcast, NITEL and NITCO to name a few. Recently I had an interesting routing issue with VoIPo and NITCO. The routing table was incorrect on one of Voipo’s underlying carriers. Instead of calls going to NW Indiana they ended up somewhere in Kentucky. Upon notification VoIPo located and corrected the routing issue within 15 minutes. Routing issues don’t happen often but they do happen.
    Joe Siepka

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    Default Re: Problems with Receiving Calls in VOIPO Phone

    My first Voip was Sunrocket and when they died and Teleblend took over i was with them and for the last 7+ years of using Voip its worked very well. I tried Vonage with a temp number as i do with any new service and they were a nightmare. I have switched numbers from Teleblend, Qwest, Tmobile and others to Voipo with no problems other than Caller ID Name being wrong. I would bet its Vonage holding on. I use Linksys PAP2, PAP2T and RTP300, they all work good behind single and double firewalls. I also use Voip on my Android Phone it works so good that last month i only used 23 cell phone minutes when i didn't have data coverage.

    You might want to send VoipoTim a message he can get it fixed.

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    Default Re: Problems with Receiving Calls in VOIPO Phone

    The problems are seldom a routing issue when it affects so many different types of callers. In my experience its often one provider that has not removed the information from there switch. Of course you can always test yourself by calling from different carriers. Always best to open a ticket with voipo anyways.

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    Angry Re: Problems with Receiving Calls in VOIPO Phone

    I just switched from Vonage to Voipo... and so far, nightmare. This is a business number for me. My number has not worked for a full day! The error message is "Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again."
    I've already had someone email me and state that they tried calling but the number is not in service. I've been on the line with Voipo, I've been in chat with them and I get promises that they will look into it. I've asked Vonage to remove number from their database as well.

    The other thing that already ticks me off is that when I initially requested to port the number over on Aug. 13, I got a message stating it would take about 7-10 days and up to 45 days. Well, I decided to inquire about it Monday morning (Aug 26th) and got an email stating that the FOC was on the 23rd so it should be good to go. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW ON FRIDAY THE 23RD in stead of me having to follow up.

    So far, I am not impressed. I was with Vonage for 8 years and now I'm screwed. I am potentially losing customers who may call and get the "error" message then think I've gone out of business. I'm about to request a refund. Oh, and the other thing is their CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NOT OPEN UNTIL 0900 MY TIME!! WHAT!?!

    YAY, issue resolved and my business line is up and running again! WOOT! Thank you Cody and James!
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    Default Re: Problems with Receiving Calls in VOIPO Phone

    Quote Originally Posted by jsiepka View Post
    I recommend using the Cisco SPA 122 as it has worked very well. The Cisco SPA 122 worked extremely stable with a wireless ISP where we had nothing but issues with Grandstream ATAs. Also make sure that the ATA is connected between your ISP’s modem and your home router.
    I wonder whether this could be a solution for me, too. I have a high speed wireless internet connection (WiMAX with Ubiquity NanoBridge on my side, usually 5-20 MBit/s down and 3-10 MBit/s up). I am a new VOIPo customer and have not had a single good call with VOIPo so far - in each and every call there are parts where either I don't understand the other side or the other side does not understand me. So far VOIPo is a complete failure to me.

    If I would get a CISCO SPA122 - how would I be able to use it with VOIPo?

    Greetings - wimax


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